A Guide To Online Doctoral Programs

As doctoral degree programs take so much of time to complete and need the most of academic rigor and time, people consider them as the most prestigious degree. At the same time, doctoral degree programs can cause a bigger financial payoff when compared to other degrees. So, if you are planning for a doctoral degree and do not have time to attend the college, you do not have to worry about it anymore as there are plenty of online doctoral programs available that you can pursue just sitting online.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, candidates with a Ph.D are reported to take a median weekly pay of $1,591 in the year 2014, compared to the pay range of only $1,101 and $792 for candidates with bachelor’s degree and associate degree respectively. That is why doctoral degree is considered as the most prestigious degree.

Importance Of Accredited Online Doctoral Programs

Accreditation is an important concern as the doctorate degree is a privileged degree. Even the United States government has occasionally considered diploma mills posing as advanced degree pursuing institutions. Hence, you need to take proper care in assessing the credentials of a university before committing for a difficult and lengthy doctoral degree program. You should never consider a school that is offering easy and quick Ph.D. There is no such thing called quick and easy Ph.D program.

Remember, only accredited online programs can grant a genuine doctorate degree recognized by qualified organizations, certification and license boards, and prospective employers. You need to check both the degree-offering university and its accrediting agency with the Department of Education.

Mentoring For Ph.D. Candidates

It is a very important part of a doctoral study whether or not you are pursuing the Ph.D or some other doctoral degree. Faculty that first teach and then create a candidates’ committee also offer recommendation letters that can eventually help you get a job, which sets the importance of such relationships.

In reality, you borrow the status of the scholars that serve on your committee and write on your behalf. Finally, this implies that as a doctoral candidate you should try hard to work with the brightest people in the job market.

Financial Considerations

As these doctoral degrees need additional schools, it is very important for you to compare the pros and cons of investing that additional money and time. While a doctoral degree mostly will pay you off in many ways, your investment can be worthy and considerable.

If you are interested in a doctoral degree program, you should check with your online school to find out any potential financial aid options that may be available. Additionally, you may be eligible for federal and state financial aid programs if you meet certain criteria.

You should plan to fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Aid) form to see in case you qualify for the aid. According the Department of Education, U.S, professional or graduate students are usually considered independent and mostly will not need to submit parents or guardian information on the FAFSA form.

Online Doctoral Programs: Requirements And Advantages

Pursuing an online doctoral degree today is a reality which would have not been heard of some years ago. Now, there are so many doctoral programs available online. Some programs such as medicine and chemistry cannot be completed fully online. However, other subjects like sociology and business can be completed totally online. In the below paragraphs, we are going to discuss about the requirements and advantages of an online doctoral degree program:

Online Doctoral Degree Requirements

Requirements of an online doctoral degree program are usually very similar to that of a traditional program. Here is the list of some of the requirements of an online doctoral program:

Admission Requirements: Most of the online doctoral programs require you to hold a master’s degree. However, some may require just a bachelor’s degree. They usually need you to have a specific GPA (Grade Point Average) score in your previous college. You may be asked for a letter of reference from any professional source as well as a satisfactory GMAT or GRE score. They may also require you to submit an essay on your goals relating to the research that you must perform during the doctoral degree.

Program Requirements: Most online programs still want you to attend 3 to 8 days campus annual residency periods. The program requires you to consider specialized course and earn credits between 68 and 82.

Technology Requirements: In order to participate in an online doctorate program, you should have access to a reliable computer system with a high-speed internet connection. You also need to be a computer literate with a good knowledge in Office.

Online Doctoral Degree Advantages

There are many advantages earning a doctoral degree online. Following are some:

Flexible Scheduling: One of the biggest advantages of earning an online doctoral degree is its flexibility. You have the advantage of flexible scheduling of your classes and complete classes within your schedule. It is also ideal for you if you have difficulty attending a traditional classroom due to family or work conflicts.

Access to Faculty: A professor in an online class can reach more number of students than in a regular classroom setting, making it more advantageous to the candidates. Even though you do not attend formal lectures, an online program allows you to engage in web discussions, emails and chats one-on-one with your online faculty, which is more advantageous than a traditional lecture where you will be vying for your instruction’s attention.

Cost: Cost is another advantage of an online class. You may not have to spend additional money on gas, car insurance or transportation. You do not have to pay any parking charges here. It is not difficult for you to attend the classes when you have kids at home. You will save lots of money on childcare services.

Skills: A candidate attending an online program has been shown to hold good time management and self motivating skills. You will also develop good typing skills as well as earn thorough knowledge on computer technology and online research.

Overall, an online doctoral degree program is an ideal choice for you as long as you cannot attend a traditional course because of any family or work conflicts. Also you can complete your doctorate degree program just sitting at your home in front of your computer as per your free schedule making it more convenient to you.